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July 2017

As Tech Booms, Workers Turn to Coding for Career Change

Many people are shedding their past for a future in the booming tech industry. The money sloshing around in technology is cascading to those who can write modern code.

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May 2017

How to Change Careers Later in Life and Transition into a Technical Role

A lot of people want to change their career later in life. Given the growing need of technical talent in the United States, it would seem like a technical career would be a great choice, right?

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May 2017

How Adults Ages 60+ are Learning to Code

To counteract prevailing trends that the tech world is full of young people, it is vital for older adults to have equal access to high-quality computing and programming.

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October 2016

How Older Workers Can Thrive in IT

As Silicon Valley aims to improve its image, recruiters and hiring managers are including age as an underrepresented group that deserves consideration.

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April 2016

Quit Your Job

Your next job might not be what you imagined, but if you want to thrive in the years ahead, a new challenge, and a new purpose, may be the things your brain needs most.

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March 2015

Thinking About a Career Change to Tech? Here’s How

We all know that the tech industry is where the jobs are, especially if you have the coding skills. But what would it take to break into the field if you have no experience or background?

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Training Opportunities

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Learn the skills you need to transform your company, earn credentials that grow your career, and connect with a global…

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