May 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Development, and Becoming a Software Developer

Trying to get a job in the world of software engineering or software development can seem a bit overwhelming nowadays, whether you are a seasoned pro who finds themselves unemployed…

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March 2018

Towards a Reskilling Revolution: A Future of Jobs for All

Reskilling and retraining the existing workforce are essential levers to fuel future economic growth, enhance societal resilience, and pave the way for the next generation of workers.

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March 2018

Free Code Camp Philly: A Career Changer’s Way to Give Back

Hunter is looking to help others make the scary leap into tech. Alongside fellow developer Maryann Roth, Hunter put together a Meetup group called Free Code Camp Philly to create…

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February 2018

How Midwest Tech Organizations are Working to Increase the Number of Female Founders in the Region

In the Midwest, a combination of community organizations, accelerators, and incubators are working to fix the problem of diversity in tech.

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January 2018

Lessons From 7 Self-Taught Coders Who Now Work Full Time as Software Developers

I’ve gathered a collection of stories from here on freeCodeCamp. The authors are people like you, who’ve fought their way to their ultimate goal — finding a web development job. Source: freeCodeCamp

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December 2017

How This Woman Went From Dietitian to Software Engineer

While working as a dietitian, Meredith Jones discovered a passion for finding ways to make her workflow more efficient. She shared this realization with a friend who suggested perhaps Jones…

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Training Opportunities

BSA Software Asset Management (SAM) Certification

By establishing well-defined processes and procedures, an effective software asset management (SAM) program gives companies full control of one of…

Adobe Digital Learning Services

Adobe gives everyone — from emerging artists to global brands — everything they need to design and deliver exceptional digital…

IBM Skills Gateway

Gain greater skills and innovate faster. Prevent, detect, and respond to enterprise threats. Create customer relationships that last. Innovate with…

Salesforce Trailhead

Learn the skills you need to transform your company, earn credentials that grow your career, and connect with a global…

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